Waco PD Cops Want To Donate Sick Time To Officer With Cancer


Waco Police Officer Nicki Stone

Waco Police Officer Nicki Stone is battleing breast cancer and used up her sick, vacation and holiday time.  As this is a real “Officer In Need Of Aid” other members of the department stepped up to the plate.  They offered to donate a portion of their sick time to officer Stone.  Considering the situation a truly noble and decent thing to do.  OK fine.

Not so fast.  Waco city manager pooh-poohed the plan saying it …”Would negatively impact the city financially.”  What?

The head of the Waco Police Officers Association said that a number of Officers wanted to donate a portion of their sick time until Stone could return to work.  Expected to be sometime around the middle of August.  He said the city will pay for 720 hours of sick time at the time of retirement.  Anything more than that is not paid for.  He said the city claims that the donated sick time is “…An expenditure it otherwise wouldn’t have to pay.”  Horse manure!!

Note to city manager-How about not spending excessively when attending “meetings” at exotic locations.  Just a thought.

Lest we forget any organization, in this case the City of Waco the best commodity they have is its employees and taking care of them should be paramount.

Hey, city manager…get with the program and let these fine officers donate their sick time to this “officer in need of aid.”



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