Thug Shot By Good Samaritan and Thug’s Family’s Response

In Mobile, AL a “baby gangster” was in the process of holding up a Dollar General store.  He held a gun to the head of an employee.  The victim was in the process of opening the safe.

MakestuffupA customer, who is also the holder of a Concealed Carry Permit, saw what was happening.  At this point he drew his gun and told the bad guy to drop his.  Did he?  Of course not.  He was in the process of turning around to fire upon the good Samaritan.

Foolish move on this dodo’s part.  Before the errant aspiring criminal could turn the good guy cranked off 5 rounds.  Striking the dumb ass in the arm.

The police arrived and took the injured soul into custody.  Seems like this bozo was out on bond for another armed robbery.

OK, another youthful offender jammed into an already overburdened justice system and that’s the end of the story for this guy.  Not so fast.

A family member of the armed robber told the Mobile Fox affiliate: (Referring to the good guy who shot the armed robber)

“If his life wasn’t in danger, if no one had a gun up to ’em, if no one pointed a gun at him–What gives him the right to think it’s OK to just shoot someone?  You should have just left the store and went where ever you had to go…”

HUMmmm, wonder how this kid could even think about holding up stores with a fine family like that.

This guy is a good candidate for the “Dunce of the Month” and it’s only March 1st.  Wow.

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