Officer Shot By Punk Released On Felony Gun Charges

One must wonder when this BS will end.  Don’t know if it ever will.

Last week a Yonkers, New York Officer was shot in the face whilst she and her partner were investigating a suspicious auto call.  As they approached the car the 18YO punk shot the officer.

After a gunfight the suspect was taken into custody.  Could this have been prevented?  Hell yes!

Officer Kayla Maher. Shot investigating a suspicious auto call. RUN TOM, RUN

The shooter was recently arrested by NYPD cops for carrying a weapon.  In a duffel bag he had several other firearms, knives and a machete.  it is interesting to note that this jerk had been arrested 23 times, is a convicted drug dealer and the prosecutors requested prison time.  They made their case rather forcefully and told the judge this guy was going to shoot someone…they just didn’t know he would shoot a cop.

Aren’t we all getting tired of society failing to control those that need to be taken out of the mainstream and placed where their antics have no consequences on the general public.

Great work judge, too bad your not up for re-election.

The officer was treated and released from a medical facility and will be back on the job soon.  May god bless the men and women of the Yonkers, NY police department and all who “Serve and Protect.”



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  1. Ruby m bernal says:

    Glad to hear that judge won’t be up for re election. Best wishes to the department.à

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