NYC Mayor DeBozo to Honor Terrorist

Mayor DeBozo D-hello suckers, is planning to march with the recently released terrorist oscar lopez, in the upcoming June 11th National Puerto Rican Day parade.

Lopez, active in the FLAN was a bomb maker, a terrorist tactics teacher and procurer of weapons and explosives.  Bombs were planted in NYC, Chicago and DC.  Killing at least 4 and injuring 23.  All in furtherance of the cause of Puerto Rican independence.

President Obama commuted his sentence, saying “he never really was found guilty of any actual bombings.”  You know, like Bin Laden wasn’t responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

DeBozo said “there are over 700,000 Puerto Rican residents in the city.”  That’s right, but I’ll bet that only a small number of those residents support lopez and his actions.  Every time the vote for Purto Rican independence comes up it is soundly defeated.

Be careful mayor.  You may be the recipient of the residents NOT voting for you.  Hope so.

One person who will not vote for you is a former NYPD Detective NYPD FLANwho attempted to disarm a bomb at 1 police plaza.  When the bomb went off he lost sight in one eye, both eardrums were blown out as well as numerous other injuries.

A number of pols that previously marched will not do so this time.  Gov. cuomo D-Trump’s responsible, is still considering his participation.  Another profile in courage.  NOT!!



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