New Video, Michael Brown Jr.-Part 2

I happened to be watching Fox News and the broadcaster was interviewing a guy who made a film that he says will disprove everything about the MBJ investigation.  He claimed the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, Bob McCoulloch, influenced the investigation.  Don’t have any idea how that may have happened.  He would have to had some say over the 40 FBI agents and the civil right attorneys from the justice department.  This, on it’s face is preposterous.

The film maker interrupted the broadcaster a number of time, was screaming and looked like he was amped up on coke or meth.MBJ

After he completed his ranting and raving, without making any sense, Bob McColloch appeared and in his cool, calm and collected way refuted all of this goofs accusations.

The only thing the “filmmaker” is trying to do is pump up his movie that played at a film festival in Texas.  Additionally, he opened old wounds and inflamed a segment of the population who believe the whole incident was not properly investigated and prosecuted.

A review of the statements of a number of witnesses and the grand jury testimony clearly show the facts and circumstances surrounding this case and did not warrant prosecution.  State or Federal.

Hey dude, shut up already.  If the FBI and the justice department concluded that Officer Darren Wilson acted within the law.

It is my hope that this does not result in another riot.  May all involved find peace.


About Ken Dye

Having grown up in Missouri, Ken Dye graduated from Northeastern Missouri State University (now Truman State University) and served his country. When he returned to St. Louis, he joined the St. Louis County Police Department and served in the tactical operations unit, as an undercover narcotics and homicide detective, and with the intelligence bureaus. After 13 years, he moved to Chicago to work with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority. He is the author of three books: two crime novels, Shadow of the Arch and Beyond the Shadow of the Arch and his new release Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die, a non-fiction narrative. For more information about the author, visit
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