Murder Suspect Previously Convicted Of Killing Police Officer

A suspect taken into custody for the January 1st murder of a family “friend” in Columbus, GA is a convicted cop killer.

The suspect in his most recent murder was convicted in 1975 of killing officer Hugh Eubanks of the Bolivar, TN police department.  The goof was quickly apprehended, tried, convicted and sentenced to LIFE.police-gun

But then, we all know, life isn’t life.  Our enlightened justice system let this killer out after only 7, that’s right, 7 years.  But wait, there’s more.

In 2001 the “rehabilitated” felon pleaded guilty to armed robbery and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.  Sentence, 15 years.

Did he do anywhere near the 15 years…no, 5 years and he’s back on the street.  Back on the street to kill AGAIN!

Our nations police can make the apprehension and work with prosecutors to get convictions.  In this case the violent felon did a total of 12 years on a life and 15 year sentence.  What’s up with that?

Note to politicians.  If you want to keep the murder rate down don’t let killers out.



About Ken Dye

Having grown up in Missouri, Ken Dye graduated from Northeastern Missouri State University (now Truman State University) and served his country. When he returned to St. Louis, he joined the St. Louis County Police Department and served in the tactical operations unit, as an undercover narcotics and homicide detective, and with the intelligence bureaus. After 13 years, he moved to Chicago to work with the Illinois Criminal Justice Authority. He is the author of three books: two crime novels, Shadow of the Arch and Beyond the Shadow of the Arch and his new release Michael Brown, Jr. didn’t have to die, a non-fiction narrative. For more information about the author, visit
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