Marilyn Mosby/Maj Sam In Big Trouble

A federal judge ruled recently that the plaintiffs in the malicious prosecution, defamation and invasion of privacy against Mosby and Maj. Sam can move forward.  The suit charged Mosby and Maj Sam of the Baltimore Sheriffs Office.  You may recall, Mosby is the goof that unlawfully charged the “Baltimore 6” with crimes ranging from unlawful arrest to murder.  This after she claimed to have investigated the case.  Then along comes Maj. Sam.  This bonehead signed the charging document stating that the facts contained in the affidavit were true.  He later said he didn’t know anything about the case…HUH?(See “Cop’s Perspective” 1/9/17)

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore state's attorney, pauses while speaking during a media availability, Friday, May 1, 2015 in Baltimore. Mosby announced criminal charges against all six officers suspended after Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In addition, Mosby is facing disbarment proceedings.

Now the juicy part.  5 of the “Baltimore 6” filed the civil suit in federal court.  After hearings and delays, excuses and guesses the judge allowed the case to move forward.  This means that the wrongfully accused Baltimore Police Officers can DEPOSE everyone involved in the bogus prosecution of these honest, hard working officers.  This is going to get interesting.

Gonna bet Mosby and Maj. Sam aren’t getting a lot of sleep lately.  I understand the Attorney’s for the cops are well schooled in the law and eager to move this baby on down the road.maj sam

Wait ’til the subpoena’s start flying.  Mosby and Maj. Sam will be shaking in their boots.

Stay tuned, it’s gonna get good,really good!



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