Houston Chief Apologizes To LGBTQ For Detectives “Insensitive” Remarks

All this political correctness is really getting old.

Houston Chief, Art Acevedo fell all over himself in responding to the statement made by a Houston PD homicide detective.  The detective advised a local TV crew that the victim of a homicide “Was a male dressed like a female apparently working as a prostitute.”

As one might expect the lgbtq folks got their panties in a wad and performed a candle light vigil on the steps of city hall.  Wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.Houston-Police-Department--HPD-Badge

The memorial was put on by a group calling itself the “Montrose Center.”  An advocacy group that promotes a healthier and safer life styles for the lgbtq community.

The Chief said the detective made a mistake with his “insensitive” comment.  As a matter of fact the Detective made a totally truthful statement and didn’t think it would cause such a ruckus.  Surprise, in today’s uptight environment where everybody is offended by everything cop’s must be careful what they say and do.

Note to the “Montrose Center.”  If you want people to live safer lives please do recommend that they don’t get dressed up in the opposite gender clothing and then work as a hooker.  Just a thought.




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