City Of Sacramento To Give $1,000 a Month To Thugs

After a slight interruption from hurricane IRMA, it’s back to blogging.  I wanted to write something about this prior to the rude disruption.  All’ s well so let’s get going.

After a deadly shooting involving gang supported rappers, the city of Sacramento, in the city father’s twisted thought process thought…hey let’s pay these thugs NOT to shoot. They recently funded a program to the tune of $1.5M to pay gangsters a grand a month if they would just stop shooting and killing each other.sac seal

Great.  The program administered by a non-government agency, will identify “fellows.”  They will be given behavioral therapy, life coaching and $1,000 a month.

I can just see the cops locking up some chump, I mean “fellow” after they just committed an armed robbery…”Hell yeah I held that place up, I can’t live on a grand a month.”


Hey Sacramento, how about funding a gun squad to go after these guys and put them where they belong.

Ponies and ice cream for everyone but a 1,000 scoots to a thug for not shooting?  This has success written all over it.  I’m sure the behavioral therapy and life coaching, what ever that is, will play a big part in the programs success.

What are they thinking?


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