Chicago vs The US DOJ

Yesterday Chicago Mayor R. Emanuel (D-“I will protect all alien felons”) said he will sue the DOJ for blocking Byrne Criminal Justice Grant funds to the city.  The reason for the suit?  Chicago refuses to follow federal immigration laws.  Last year Chicago was given 3.2 million dollars to bolster law enforcement operations.  This year the city anticipates roughly the same amount.

The Mayor said “Chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values, and will remain a welcoming city.”  Looks to me like he’s using “sanctuary” and “welcoming” synonymously.  Seems like even the most pulp headed taxpayer knows when a plume is being puffed into their kilt.justice on fire

The DOJ, for their part fired back.  “In 2016, more Chicagoan were murdered than in NYC and LA combined.  …the mayor is less concerned with that figure than he is about protecting the city.”

It’s been rumored that AG Sessions will soon approach Emanuel, strike him in the face with a damp glove and challenge him to a duel.  Your choice of weapons Mr. Mayor.  Water guns or cream pies.

Hey mayor.  All you have to do is notify ICE 48 hrs before a criminal alien is released from custody.  That doesn’t seem like too much for 3.something million.  Just call, they’ll haul.

The Chicago law department would be well served if they reviewed the cases of Kate Steinle (See Cop’s Perspective 11/19/16) and Portland’s blunder (See Cop’s Perspective 8/1/17).




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