Baltimore PD Officer/Van Driver In Freddy Grey Case Found Not Guilty

Baltimore police officer Cesar Goodson Jr. was found NOT GUILTY of all 21 bogus charges filed in an administrative trial.  He was charged with offences including, dereliction of duty, making false statements to investigators and failing to secure Grey with a seat belt at the time he was placed in the van.

The trial court consisted of two senior Baltimore PD commanders and one from Prince George County.

Testimony revealed that all allegations were debunked.  A number of commanders and supervisors said Officer Goodson is a fine officer and follows directions to the best of his ability.  Note to Chief Davis…put the Freddy Grey incident in the rear view mirror and get on with protecting the citizens of Baltimore.goodson jr.

It’s also time to dismiss the charges against LT Brian Rice and SGT Alicia White who’s administrative trials are scheduled to begin soon.  All of the officers involved in this incident have been put through the ringer.  it’s time to move on.

Officer Cesar Goodson, who has been suspended since the incident will return to duty soon.  Ceasar Goodson Sr. said “My son is a good officer.  He wants to take care of his family, get back to work and complete his career with the Baltimore police department.”

Couldn’t agree with him more!


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